Evers slowly pulled the blankets down and reluctantly looked at Marley in the darkness.

“Do you see these chains? They were forged, link by link, by the political mistakes I made when I lived,” said Marley. “You have these chains, too, and they have been growing very fast just since last Christmas. Kenosha alone forged chains that could bind Prometheus.”

RightWisconsin took a modern look, and a very Wisconsin look, at a Christmas classic and
asked the question: “If three ghosts visited Governor Tony Evers, would he change his ways?”

In this re-telling of the Dickens classic, Evers is visited by the spirits of Christmas who attempt to save his political career before it’s too late.

“I am Christmas Past, Ebeneezer, and I’ve come to take you to when you lost the spirit of

“I thought this was about my political career?”

“Fortunately with you it’s a one-stop trip. Come out from underneath the blankets and see your past.”

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