MADISON– Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) released the following statement announcing an endorsement from Sabrina Madison for her candidacy for Wisconsin’s 16th Senate District:

“Today I am happy to share an endorsement from Sabrina Madison,” said Sargent. “Sabrina’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for justice has made her one of the greatest voices in our community.”

Sabrina Madison is the founder of Heymiss Progress and creator of the Black Women’s Leadership Conference, a conference for Black women throughout Wisconsin to further their leadership capabilities. Following its success, Madison founded the Progress Center for Black Women in 2017. In addition to these leadership roles, Madison serves as a board member of United Way of Dane County and a Steering Committee Member of Greater Madison Vision. Madison has been awarded Best of Madison Business 2019, Madison Magazine’s M List, and InBusiness Magazine’s Most Influential People, amongst numerous other accolades.

“As a single mom of four boys herself, Melissa knows the importance of lifting up our single parents, working hard for our children, and ensuring that all people are given equal opportunities,” said Madison. “Her passion, strength, and commitment for families has made her an exemplary leader in the Assembly, and I cannot wait to watch Melissa continue to fight for all families in the State Senate.”

“I am truly thankful to be receiving Sabrina’s support,” said Sargent. “Her leadership has demonstrated her wisdom and integrity, and I am most appreciative to be receiving her formal endorsement.”

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