MADISON– Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) released the following statement announcing an endorsement from Dane County Supervisor Hayley Young, for her candidacy for Wisconsin’s 16th Senate District:


“Today I am proud  to announce an endorsement from Dane County Supervisor Hayley Young,” said Sargent. “I first had the pleasure to know Hayley when she worked in my legislative office. She is an impressive young woman with a dedicated work ethic and many talents, and it has been a pleasure to see her grow in her leadership and community advocacy over the years. Today, she serves her community proudly on the Dane County Board, fighting for policies that make campus safer, address racial disparities, and protect our environment,” said Sargent.


“For as long as I’ve known Melissa Sargent, she has been one of Wisconsin’s fiercest advocates for women, children, and families and I couldn’t be prouder to support her for State Senate. As someone who worked for Melissa, I know firsthand what a tireless and dedicated public servant she is,” said Young.


“I am proud to be endorsed by Hayley,” Sargent said. “Hayley continues to work to protect Dane County’s natural resources, fight for affordable housing, support policies to enhance campus safety, address racial disparities, and protect services which aid Dane County’s homeless population. She is passionate and strong, and I look forward to all that she will do in the future for the betterment of Wisconsin. I am honored to have her support” said Sargent.

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