Neenah, Wisconsin: Jay Schroeder has announced his campaign for Wisconsin Assembly, and portions of Town-City of Neenah, Village Fox Crossing, Partial Towns Dale, Clayton, Greenville, City of Appleton.

Having been blessed to run for Wisconsin Secretary of State in 2018 and receiving over 1.2 million votes and traveling the state of Wisconsin. I feel I have the unique grasp of the entire state and the people of Wisconsin.

We deserve better in Wisconsin! Quoting Justice Rebecca Bradley “Where in the constitution do the people of WI. Confer authority on a single cabinet secretary to compel 6 million people to stay at home…Isn’t that the definition of Tyranny?

Having spoken at the rally in Madison on April 24th about freedom I know too many ways our freedoms have been taken away. Church attendance banned, Memorial ceremonies cancelled to honor the war dead, tony evers tombstones as I call them, all the closed small businesses in Wisconsin must open now.

$870 million decline in tax revenue in April, $2 billion deficit in the coming fiscal year. 500,000 people in Wisconsin unemployed where are the cuts to state government? “Let them eat cake” is not cutting it in Wisconsin.

The time for talk is over! Open Wisconsin Now 100%. Tyranny light will not cut it. As family members are in the health care business, I am aware of preventative covid. Freedom is at hand, if certain areas want to continue house arrest on their own let them, but the Real Wisconsin is Opening for Business. Forward Wisconsin


Twitter: @4jayschroeder

Facebook: Jay Schroeder for Assembly

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