MADISON – During a meeting of the Wisconsin Election Commission, Commissioner Knudson made claims that the Wisconsin certification of ballots was illegal and that no results should be certified in the state.

Senator-elect Agard issued the following statement:

“The comments made by Commissioner Knudson are extremely harmful to our democracy. It is clear that he is following the marching orders of the outgoing President who continues to undermine our election results and file baseless lawsuits in a reckless attempt to overturn the will of the people here in Wisconsin and around the country. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to disenfranchise Wisconsin voters who legally cast their ballots. It is imperative that we continue to move forward in the process to preserve faith in our election systems.

“There is no evidence that there was any sort of voter fraud in the state, Commissioner Knudson even admitted this. With no fraud to back up baseless claims made by Republicans at all levels of government, Commissioner Knudson is turning to misinterpreted statutes to try and undermine the work done by election officials. The action of certifying our state’s results were legal and followed the same statute used in 2016. To protect our democracy, it is important that we move forward with the transition of power at all levels.

“I want to again thank our dedicated election officials for conducting this election securely and safely during this time. Your hard work and dedication to public service is greatly appreciated. We, as a state, owe you a debt of gratitude.”

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