MADISON – Governor Tony Evers today announced his appointment of Senator Janet Bewley to serve on the 2020 Census Complete Count Committee. The committee, formed through Executive Order #55, is tasked with encouraging participation from every segment of Wisconsin’s diverse population in the Census through awareness campaigns, education, and engagement with difficult-to-count communities and populations.

“I am honored that Governor Evers has appointed me to the Complete Count Committee,” said Senator Bewley. “We need to make sure every Wisconsinite is counted. My Senate district in northern Wisconsin stretches over 13 counties and is larger than a number of US States. I look forward to coordinating efforts with community leaders and stakeholders, not just in Northern and Western Wisconsin, but across the entire state, to ensure that the voices of all our residents are heard during this important process.”

The 2020 Census count is mandated by the United States Constitution and is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. This year, the Census will be conducted from March to June. Census results determine how federal funding is allocated to states and communities each year, in addition to determining how many seats in Congress each state gets. In Wisconsin, the Census count creates local and state wide statistics about population, employment, and housing, among other subjects, that are used to build an accurate data description of the state and the communities within it. For more information about the 2020 Federal Census and the 2020 Complete Count Committee, visit

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