(MADISON) – Today, Senator Tim Carpenter released a letter he sent to Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos calling for the creation of a Bipartisan Blue Ribbon Task Force “to examine what changes should be made to improve Wisconsin’s voting system.”

“Given the current partisan gridlock in the State Legislature, we need to take a different approach to find areas where both parties can agree on issues and where compromises can be reached in changes to our election laws,” Carpenter wrote.

“We do not have to travel down that well-worn road again where the Legislature passes bills without any legislative input from Democrats or the Governor and it then gets vetoed.”

“It’s worthless to keep trying the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.”

Some of Senator Carpenter’s suggested ideas for the Task Force would include reviewing possible election law changes that would encourage greater voter participation, assist with the many tasks of poll workers and allow for the tabulation of absentee ballots the Monday before Election Day.

“We owe it to Wisconsin voter to ensure our elections in Wisconsin are well-run, easy for voters to cast their ballots and maintain the integrity of our election system.”

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