(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter issued the following statement regarding a legislative session to respond to the issues of COVID-19:

“While the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to hit Wisconsin hard, Republican Leaders Fitzgerald and Vos have been doing nothing but sitting on their hands instead of passing emergency Coronavirus legislation.

“Governor Tony Evers has acted quickly and responsibly in making public last week his proposed legislative package to combat the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Recent polling shows that 76% of Wisconsin voters approve of Governor Evers’ response to the virus. Now, I’ve heard Republican leaders are going to completely ignore Governor Evers’ proposals and instead create their own partisan bill behind closed doors. They are starting from scratch rather than starting to address this issue immediately. This is shameful politics at its worst at a time of crisis.

“The ‘Do Nothing Republican Legislature’ should have already convened a legislative session to pass bills to help protect Wisconsinites from this deadly virus. They have chosen to play politics instead.

“Republican Majority Leader Fitzgerald should do his job and immediately convene the State Senate to pass bipartisan legislation now! Fitzgerald cowardly refuses to convene the Legislature to pass urgently needed legislation against the virus, while still collecting a regular paycheck and running for higher office.

“Our job as legislators is to show up to work, debate issues and pass bills to help contain the further spreading of the Coronavirus. I implore GOP leadership to act quickly in a bipartisan fashion to work with Governor Evers. It’s time for the ‘Do Nothing Republican Legislature’ to act quickly. Time is of the essence!”

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