(MADISON) –  State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) today released the following statement regarding Governor Tony Evers’ announcement about further actions he is asking state government, and all Wisconsin citizens, to take regarding ongoing concerns with the spread of the coronavirus:


“Thank you, Governor Evers, for your forward-thinking ability and willingness to work hard. Your leadership is deeply appreciated in this troubling time and I am happy to see the decisions you have made as this situation is continuing to unfold. For most of us – probably all of us – this is something we have never seen or experienced, so it’s great to know we have a Governor who is paying attention and taking actions to keep Wisconsin citizens safe.”


“I was particularly happy to see your announcement regarding unemployment benefits for those workers that are being displaced as the virus is still trying to be contained. Through no fault of their own, thousands of workers are being laid off at the same time. The state should certainly waive the one-week waiting period and requirement to search for jobs before being eligible for unemployment benefits given the situation our country and state finds itself.”


“It seems as if we may need to have the State Legislature reconvene in order for these very basic and very decent changes to be made so that people adversely impacted by closures due to the virus can get the help they need and deserve.”


“I am willing to work every day to help you meet your goals in protecting Wisconsin citizens from the impacts of this situation. I am hopeful all my colleagues will join me in saying we are ready to get to work on issues that will help lessen the burden of this pandemic on many people.”

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