Madison, WI — Today, Senator David Craig (R-Vernon) issued the following statement in response to Governor Tony Evers’ illegal Executive Order (EO 90) and illegal mask mandate (Emergency Order 1):


“Another day, another illegal order. Nothing new for this lawless administration. Even while his previous unlawful order is being challenged in the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Governor Evers abuses his power with another unconstitutional Emergency Order. This is an outrageous and egregious violation of the Wisconsin Constitution and state statute.

“This is governing by fiat. If the legislature doesn’t act immediately to block this unlawful rule, the people of Wisconsin will be left voiceless, helpless, and subject to the whims of a lawless governor and his radical administration. Continuing to allow this governor to run amok with unlawful executive orders should make every Wisconsinite fearful of what his unchecked authority could bring tomorrow regardless of where you stand on the mask mandate. This banana republic governance must end!”

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