Madison, WI —Today, State Senator David Craig (R-Town of Vernon) praised the Senate for passage of his legislation in the ‘Tougher on Crime’ initiative which would provide more effective tools to reign in violent and repeat offenders in our state.

“The passage of ‘Tougher on Crime’ bills is a great step towards addressing the growing problem of violence, gun crimes, and property crimes in our communities. These bills help ensure that criminals are not emboldened by a justice system that is not taking violent crime seriously enough,” said Sen. Craig. “This initiative is important for all law-abiding citizens around the state, but of particular importance to Southeast Wisconsin.”

Highlights of the package include:

Cracking down on Porch Pirates: the legislation updates the law to capture recent trends in packaged being stolen from people’s doorsteps. This bill addresses this growing problem.

Strengthening the Serious Juvenile Offender Program: the legislation expands the number of felonies under which violent juveniles can be adjudicated in this enhanced system.

Revocation of probation/parole for new crime: the legislation requires the Department of Corrections to recommend revoking a person’s extended supervision, parole, or probation if the person is charged with a new, violent crime while on supervision.

Limiting Early Release and Probation: The legislation requires that persons who have committed violent crimes may not be discharged early from probation or early release.

Upon passage Craig stated, “Despite the Governor’s stated intention of massive release of criminals, I hope he takes this issue seriously and helps address the violent crime problem in Southeast Wisconsin by signing these bills into law.”

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