Madison, WI — Today, State Senator David Craig (R-Town of Vernon) released the following statement relating to Senate passage of the bipartisan COVID-19 relief bill (Assembly Bill 1083): 

“During these unprecedented times, the impacts of the virus and the resulting shutdown of the economy are felt by everyone. The passage of this bill today will lessen the impacts on many in our state, however many citizens are still suffering. This bill attends to the immediate need to capture federal relief funds, but this is only the beginning of our work to safely re-start business activities and get people back to work. 

“Throughout this time, it has become clear that the Governor and DHS leadership have exercised power beyond what is authorized by statute and the Constitution. In several instances, that authority has been regrettably exercised in a heavy-handed manner as evident in the prohibition of drive-up church services, bans on window visits for the elderly or disabled, the closure of parks, and many more actions that have no impact on the health of Wisconsin residents. The legislature must be brought into the discussion on re-opening our state to avoid further unconstitutional overreach.

“I’m glad we could work together to pass a bipartisan relief bill today, but until the Governor brings the legislature to the table to re-open the state, the very avoidable economic suffering will continue in Wisconsin.  We must begin the process of re-opening the state’s economy now!”

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