Madison, WI — Today, Senator David Craig (R-Town of Vernon) issued the following statement in response to the violence and destruction last night in Kenosha and Madison: 

“After a night of total mayhem in Kenosha and Madison, Gov. Evers has now said that he will send more Guard Troops ‘to ensure individuals can exercise their right [to protest] safely’. Too little, too late Governor! Businesses, taxpayer property, and public safety have already been shattered under the lack of action by state government.

“What all Wisconsinites need to hear from Gov. Evers and his administration is that this type of violence, mayhem, and destruction will not be tolerated. If this message is not clearly communicated in words and actions by this governor, Wisconsin will continue to see her cities burn, her businesses destroyed, and her citizens wondering when order and safety will be restored. 

“As we wait for the full results of the independent investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, our prayers are for Jacob Blake and his family as well as the Kenosha Police and the entire Kenosha community. Now is the time for all Wisconsinites to come together to work for a brighter future.”

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