(Madison) – It’s been one week and still no answers or even an acknowledgment from Governor Tony Evers over delays in responding to families waiting for the unemployment.
“Hundreds of constituents who followed the rules and have more than half a year are still waiting to hear from Tony Evers’ administration,” Darling said, “These are real families, facing real crisis.”
Last week, Senator Alberta Darling and Representatives Janel Brandtjen, Jim Ott, and Dan Knodl sent a letter to the Evers Administration asking for the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) to further utilize the tools provided to the administration to shift staff between agencies as well as expand call center hours.
They are still waiting on Governor Evers to even acknowledge their letter. This week, the lawmakers sent another letter asking for a response from Governor Evers.
“I’m disgusted that we’re at the mercy of an unresponsive administration,” Representative Brandtjen said.
A recent news story highlighted the struggles of Brittney Gitzlaff of Menomonee Falls. Brittney is still waiting for answers from the Department of Workforce Development – eight months after filing her claim. She’s not alone. Hundreds of constituents have reached out to our offices – some experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, issues with mental health, and trouble accessing critical medications.

“Wisconsin residents expect more from their state government,” Representative Ott said, “DWD needs to end the backlog now and help those who have waited for months to get their unemployment benefits.”

“If there’s something Governor Evers’ needs to answer all of these claims, he needs to tell us right away,” Representative Knodl said, “Otherwise it’s just excuse after excuse and real people are left without the answers they deserve.”

You can read the original letter to Governor Evers here.
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