MADISON – Today, the Committee on Campaigns and Elections, led by Legislative Republicans, are holding a public hearing to investigate the 2020 Election. The invite-only public hearing is meant to give anecdotal evidence behind false claims of voter fraud that stem from President Trump and his supporters.

Senator-Elect Agard (D-Madison) issued this statement regarding the hearing:

“This public hearing is nothing but a show to appease the President, who still will not admit that he lost this election. This public hearing was invite only, which goes against the spirit of a public hearing. I am appalled that my colleagues across the aisle are continuing to play into this charade. Going after votes in Dane and Milwaukee counties is not subtle – it is textbook voter disenfranchisement.

“The fact that we are having this sham hearing while the President is in court today trying to throw out 221,000 legally cast votes in Wisconsin shows us a Republican playbook aimed at destroying people’s faith in our democratic systems. Millions of Wisconsinites cast their ballots almost 40 days ago – those votes were counted, then recounted in two counties. It is past time that Legislative Republicans join the rest of us in the present and stop creating unnecessary chaos.”

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