MADISON, WI – Today, after hearing that the Department of Administration is asking agencies to lapse 5% from their budgets, Senator Feyen announced that he will also return at least 5% of both his office and personnel budgets to the general fund this session.

“I applaud DOA for their responsible budgeting move and am committing my office to do the same,” said Senator Feyen. “Wisconsinites all over the State are tightening their budgets due to the global pandemic and their government should be no different.”

Senate office budgets are $55,955 per session and Senator Feyen’s 2019-20 office account lapse will be at least 5% or $2797.75. Senator Feyen will also be returning over $33,000 from his office’s personnel budget.

“During hard times, I believe our government should lead by example. We are truly all in this together, this is why I’m calling on other legislators to also tighten their belts given the tough economic conditions certain to result from this pandemic.”

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