[Madison, WI] – Senator Scott Fitzgerald made the following statement prior to today’s meetingof the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC):

“I do not support the proposal that is before WEC today, regarding a centralized absentee
ballot application process.

“It does not make sense to centralize absentee voting in Madison when that funding could be better utilized by the clerks themselves. If anything, WEC should consider using federal dollars to boost municipal clerks’ budgets so they can hire extra staff and expand hours for early voting.

“I also do not support a mass mailing to a voter list that we know has not been cleaned up, in defiance of state law.

“Wisconsin has online registration, excuse-free absentee voting, early in-person voting, and Election Day registration, making it easier to vote in Wisconsin than most other states.
“I urge the Commissioners to reject the proposal in its current form.”

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