“I didn’t think the Republicans could be so callous as to do nothing as the pandemic raged for over 200 days and countless thousands of people died at the hands of the coronavirus.  Now, after looking at their COVID disaster package that may have been a blessing.  Clearly they don’t care about protecting the lives or economic health of the people of our state as much as they do about carrying water for the special interests who fund their campaigns.
“Rather than working with Governor Evers and local officials who are trying their best to keep people safe, out of the hospital and alive, the Republican plan seems intent on making an already tragic crisis even worse.
At a time when hope is just a few months away, we should be doing everything we can to keep people safe, reduce the strain on our hospitals, health care professionals and first responders and to save lives, Republicans have chosen to divide us even more—a choice that will inevitably lead to more lives needlessly lost to the virus.
“It should be apparent to anyone who is paying attention that the Republicans either don’t understand the dangerous game they’re playing or they do and just don’t care.  Either way, they are unfit to govern.
“Democrats and everyone who believes in a less partisan government that works for all the people should begin doing whatever is necessary to make sure that the new maps drawn in 2021 are both competitive and fair.  Only then will the people get the government they deserve.”
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