“In what is no surprise, Senate Republicans wasted no time announcing their intent to overturn Governor Ever’s Executive order requiring people to wear masks in public along with his earlier order that could result in the National Guard no longer being able to help with virus testing or assisting poll workers in providing safety at the polls for voters this fall.
“Since the Republicans came to power under Scott Walker their only concern has been protecting their own hold on power.  This has come to include attacking Governor Evers at all costs even if it costs the lives of their own constituents.
“Since we met in March the Republicans ignored doing anything to protect the people from this deadly virus or to remove the barriers that have led to delays in processing unemployment claims.  Apparently the only thing that can get them to bring the Senate back into session is an opportunity to take another partisan shot at Governor Evers.
“This is just one in a continuing list of examples for why non-partisan redistricting is so badly needed.”
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