(Madison)—Responding to comments made by Representative John Nygren, State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) said seniors should not believe Republican scare tactics that claim they will have difficulty receiving or being able to afford a COVID-19 vaccine.

Senator Hansen’s comments follow:

“Recent comments from Representative Nygren, co-chair of the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee, should not be of concern to seniors in Wisconsin when it comes to being able to afford the COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19 vaccine has already been purchased by the federal government to be allocated at no cost to states. There is not any real threat that seniors, including SeniorCare enrollees, will not be able to receive the vaccine when it is deemed safe and effective.

“Rather than making comments that will scare seniors, it would be better for all concerned if the Republicans who control the Legislature would work with Governor Evers in addressing the pandemic and support the common sense orders that he has issued so we can reduce the spread of the virus.”

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