Madison, WI — Senator Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) released the following statement after Governor Evers issued Executive Order 90:

“Governor Evers just issued his second illegal health emergency order. The Supreme Court ruled that he is required to work with the legislature after his first 60-day Emergency Order expired. He has again ignored the Supreme Court ruling.

I will remind the Governor once again that the danger has never been with overall case count, but with ensuring that our hospitals have the capacity to treat those who need care. The bottleneck has always been the availability of ICU beds. I am in agreement that if we approach maximum healthcare capacity, the government has the responsibility to step in and protect the general public.

However, the truth is that the healthcare capacity in the state is not at risk. Our statewide capacity for ICU beds is around 1,400. Meanwhile, COVID cases that require the ICU have been hovering around 100 since June.

There is not a scientific consensus that using face coverings have been proven to stop the spread of COVID. In the place of evidence, face masks have become a politicized mental placebo.

The truth is that this governor is not making decisions based on what is best for Wisconsin, but on what Democratic leadership is telling him to do from Washington DC. It is time to end the dictatorial power grabs of Governor Evers. I implore my colleagues to step up and pass a resolution dissolving his illegal order.”

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