Contact: Senator Devin LeMahieu, 608-266-2056

Madison – Following Governor Evers’ decision to halt negotiations with the Senate and Assembly over Covid-19 relief and release a new proposal, Senate Majority Leader-elect Devin LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) issued the following statement:

“I’m disappointed that Governor Evers has decided to back away from our Covid-19 relief talks.

“Senate Republicans have been working in good faith on a compromise.  The bipartisan negotiations between the Senate, Assembly, and administration were beginning to show progress.  Unfortunately, yesterday Governor Evers cherry-picked various proposals from the negotiations and then released them to the media.  This is not a compromise and it is not leadership.

“It is also perplexing that Governor Evers would double-down on his insistence of a December lame duck session on the same day the federal government passed a new Covid-19 response bill.  We owe it to Wisconsin families and taxpayers to understand how this $900 billion legislation will impact the state’s response to Covid-19.

“I will continue to work with Senate Republicans and Speaker Vos to pass Covid-19 relief legislation.  If the Governor changes his mind and wishes to join these conversations, my door remains open.”

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