Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) issued the following statement in response to a supposed compromise Covid-19 Recovery Bill offered by Governor Evers on December 21st:


“Governor Evers has offered what he calls a compromise Covid-19 Recovery Bill.  The only compromises in it would be on the part of Republicans giving up on everything we have asked be included.  It contains none of the major proposals offered by Republicans to reopen public schools for in-person education, reopen state government facilities to state workers, or ending the abuses by public health bureaucrats in controlling every aspect of our daily lives.


It is time for Republicans to get off our knees and fight to advance the Covid-19 legislation our constituents are demanding of us.  Governor Evers and his administration represent the interests of liberals in Dane County and the City of Milwaukee. 


It is long past time for the Republicans to stop compromising with our freedoms and to represent the people throughout Wisconsin:


-The men and women that have been going to work every day during the pandemic.


-The families struggling with closed schools and ineffective virtual schooling forced on them by local teachers’ unions and liberal public health zealots.


-The small business owners and their employees being financially destroyed by overly severe gathering limits, not based either in science or actual data.


-The loss of cherished freedoms by individuals being told they no longer control when people may enter their private residences, when they may practice their religion, or simply travel about and associate as free-people.


I am calling on Senate Majority Leader-Elect LeMahieu and Speaker Vos to move forward with a strong Covid-19 Recovery Bill containing the measures being demanded by the people we represent.”

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