Today, the Senate Committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform showed that legislation enacted by Republicans during the Walker administration has made it more difficult for hard working Wisconsinites to receive the Unemployment Insurance benefits that they have earned.

“Lowering protections for Wisconsin workers was a theme of the Walker administration. The Republican legislature’s effort to make it more difficult for laid-off workers to navigate the Unemployment system has really been exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

When Scott Walker lost, the Republicans quickly convened a lame-duck session to limit Governor Evers’ power, including a prohibition preventing him from loosening Unemployment Insurance eligibility rules.

“The Republican plan is working exactly as expected. There are now more trip wires for workers to jump over in order to get Unemployment. As a result, it is taking some people longer to get their benefits.”

Governor Evers is overcoming the barriers placed in his way by the Republicans by bringing on an additional 1,300 people to help speed up unemployment claims. Despite the roadblocks put in place by the Republican legislature, everyone who is eligible for unemployment in Wisconsin will receive their full benefits.

“The Republicans have shown little interest in solving the problem. Families are needlessly suffering because the Republican legislature is more concerned about concentrating their own power than doing what’s best for the people of Wisconsin.”


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