MADISON – Last night during the State of the State Address, Governor Evers delivered a resounding call to action on the challenges facing our state. It is truly refreshing to listen to a Governor who has taken the time to visit all 72 counties and listen to the concerns of its citizens

I particularly applaud Governor Evers’ focus on issues that cut across party lines, such as helping our agriculture community which is reeling from the loss of over 1,000 dairy farms in the past three years, to addressing the student loan debt crisis, and getting rid of the PFAS chemicals poisoning our water, including right here in Madison’s Starkweather Creek and Lake Monona.

As insulin prices continue to rise, we will be confronted by more stories like those of Micah Fischer, the 26-year-old Wisconsinite who could not afford to pay for his insulin out of pocket. Micah chose to ration his insulin and died while waiting for his insurance to take effect which would have covered the cost the insulin he needed.

It is disheartening that Republicans think clean water or affordable medication are partisan issues. But this demonstrates exactly why we need the non-partisan redistricting process called for by Governor Evers, to ensure that elected are actually able to be held accountable.

Finally, I am proud of Governor Evers’ call for bringing back science and recognizing climate change as a threat to all future generations.

Governor Evers has demonstrated that he truly is the people’s governor. Wisconsin should strive to always be looking forward to a better and brighter future. Under his leadership, Wisconsinites can once again be assured they have a Governor who listens and responds to their concerns. As the Governor so eloquently put it last night, “in Wisconsin, when we move forward, we all go together.”

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