Contact: Senator Fred Risser

MADISON – Today the Wisconsin State Senate passed legislation in response to the State’s COVID-19 crisis.

“I think this bill is but a small step in the right direction,” said Risser. “Quite frankly, this bill doesn’t go far enough. It is unfortunate that given the length of time Republican Leadership took in drafting legislation they chose to ignore many of the priorities laid out in Governor Evers’ COVID-19 bills.”

Continued Risser, “we must act now to provide hazard pay for healthcare workers on the frontlines of this crisis and ensure that all our healthcare workers have proper PPE, further invest in programs that support small businesses and farmers, and adopt provisions to mail all registered voters a ballot for the remaining 2020 elections so that never again is voting a life or death decision.”

“These are but a few of the issues that Wisconsin will need to address as the effects of the global pandemic continue to evolve. I am hopeful that the legislature will continue to meet and work on legislation to provide needed assistance. Wisconsinites who have lost their jobs or are on the verge of losing their business need to know that their government has their back during these trying times.”

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