MADISON – Today the Republican controlled state legislature refused to meet for a special session called by Governor Evers.


For the fourth time since Governor Evers’ election, Republicans have refused to meet in special session on pressing issues in Wisconsin. Previous special sessions related to gun violence, boosting Wisconsin’s small farm economy and increased funding for public schools. Governor Evers’ proposals have consistently drawn majority support from Wisconsinites.[i],[ii],[iii],[iv]


“People always ask me why it’s so difficult to have bi-partisanship. Well it’s difficult when one party continues to not show up. Governor Evers has asked Republicans to show up and work on important issues. Democratic Senators and Assemblypersons have shown up to work on these issues. But we can’t find compromise and bi-partisan solutions if one side refuses to even begin negotiations.”


Referring to Governor Evers’ most recent special session, which would have delayed Tuesday’s elections and ensured every registered voter (who had not already cast an absentee ballot) would receive a ballot in the mail, Risser said, “People should not have to make a life or death decision when deciding whether or not to vote. Delaying the election in the interest of public health should not be a partisan issue.”


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