APPLETON – Senate President Roger Roth (R–Appleton) issued the following statement
regarding last night’s violence in Madison.

“Last night, the woke radical mob again descended upon Madison and there was nothing
innocent in their motivations. The mob terrorized local businesses, citizens, and imposed its own version of vigilante justice by pulling down the statue “Forward,” a symbol of devotion and progress, and also the statue of Col. Hans Christian Heg.

“It was not enough just to pull down his statue to satisfy the thirst of the mob, it had to be
beheaded. Not by a guillotine as was done during the Reign of Terror, but torn asunder at the hands of the woke radical mob before being thrown into the lake to wash it of its sin.

“And what of the statue that the mob destroyed? Col. Heg harbored fugitive slaves, was a
member of the abolitionist Free Soil Party, and fought and died for the principle that all men are created equal. The mob didn’t care – because their motivations aren’t justice but rather the deconstruction of 2,500 years of western civilization and classical liberal values like freedom of speech, association, and worship.

“The symbol of our state is ‘Forward’ and the statue is a representation of Wisconsin’s motto, the spirit of progress, and standing with women. The woke radical mob is simply ignorant to history.

“It is time for the Governor and the Mayor of Madison to step up and tell the woke radical mob no more! But where is their leadership? Certainly not in Madison’s mayor who’s more concerned with saving graffiti art on State Street than ensuring order in her own city. There is no government in Madison now, as the woke radical mob roams the streets and executes its will. Until leaders step up and enforce law and order, government will be nothing more than an illusion.

“The Governor and the Mayor of Madison need to allow law enforcement to do their job and end the violence. In the Senate Minority Leader’s statement today, she continues to defend the indefensible and stokes the fires of these terrorists seeking mayhem and anarchy.

“Videos record the mob screaming, ‘This is not a peaceful protest, so if you came out here for a peaceful protest, you missed it.’ To vow the night not be peaceful is where this city, our state, and our country are at now – This must end. No matter what the cause, daily terrorism cannot and will not be tolerated. There is absolutely no excuse, no justification, and no valid reason for these violent protests to occur.”

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