MADISON, WI – Senator Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) urges people in Wisconsin to fill out the U.S. Census. Conducted once every ten years, the census counts our nation’s population, and the results are used to redraw electoral districts, which influences planning and policymaking for the next decade.

“The census is a head count of each and every person in our country, and it’s our chance to make sure district maps are drawn fairly. From emergency services and healthcare programs, to transportation and public schools, it helps determine how billions of state and federal dollars are allocated each year,” said Senator Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “By filling it out on behalf of your household, you can help ensure your community and our state is fairly represented for the next ten years.”

Starting this month, households will begin to receive information on how to participate in the 2020 census. You can respond in one of three ways – online, by phone or by mail. Visit to learn more and to fill yours out by Wednesday, April 1. Responses are completely confidential.

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