MADISON – Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) is calling on Republican legislators to act and support critical relief measures for Wisconsin residents impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency.

On March 21st, Governor Tony Evers shared his COVID-19 public health emergency relief package with Republican legislative leaders. This relief package included measures to provide immediate and long-term support for Wisconsin families, healthcare professionals, small business owners and workers. With no response from Republican legislative leaders, Governor Evers introduced a second legislative package on April 1st which included additional proposals to support Wisconsin residents during the public health emergency.

It has been nearly three weeks since Governor Evers introduced his first COVID-19 relief proposal. Even in this time of heightened urgency, Republicans have failed to take any substantial action.

“Republicans owe Wisconsin an answer as to why they’ve failed to come to the table and offer meaningful support during this pandemic,” said Sen. Smith. “For weeks now, Republican leaders have put Wisconsin residents’ lives on the line, from downplaying the threat of this pandemic, rejecting solutions to hold a safe election and failing to act on a COVID-19 relief proposal.

“The constituents I’ve spoken to are not concerned about who scores the next political point. They want answers and they want to know how we, as elected officials, can help in this time of crisis. I’m urging my Republican colleagues to listen to the needs of their community, to step up and act. After all, it’s our job and it’s what we were elected to do.”

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