Madison, WI – On Tuesday, Governor Tony Evers issued a third Executive Order extending his unilateral rule of Wisconsin. Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) issued the following statement:


“I opposed Governor Evers’ second emergency order and continue to stand ready to rescind that order and Executive Order #90, which was issued today.  Wisconsin citizens elected not only a Governor two years ago, but also a State Legislature and it is their expectation and mine that we would act quickly to end this unprecedented government overreach by Governor Evers.  A single emergency order at the onset of this situation may have been appropriate, but Governor Evers ongoing desire to exercise unilateral control is unlawful and must be ended.”

“Governor Evers used the trajectory of positive cases to justify his second emergency order, but this same metric shows no benefit in preventing the spread of COVID-19 after seven weeks. Fortunately, Wisconsin’s COVID-19 related hospitalizations have remained under control, and Wisconsin’s COVID-19 death rate remains well below that of our neighboring states, and most states throughout the country. Many other localities, states, and countries had similarly underwhelming experiences with their own mask mandates prior to Governor Evers’ issuing his initial mask mandate, regardless of the level of public compliance.”

“A statewide approach to COVID-19 has always been a bad idea.  The situation continues to vary greatly from region to region.  I firmly believe local governments, businesses and families will achieve better results if they are able to evaluate their needs and act accordingly rather than following a one-size-fits-all directive from Governor Evers.  The Legislature must convene and rescind this unlawful order to ensure our communities have that option.”

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