Madison, WI – Governor Tony Evers should stop instilling fear in Wisconsin residents and trust citizens to keep themselves and their families safe. “The governor’s speech last night was just a lot of fear mongering in a year in which people have been through so much,” said Sen. Duey Stroebel (R – 20th Senate District). “The governor now wants citizens to cancel holiday events with family and friends out of fear that people won’t do the right thing to protect themselves and their families. Give me a break!”

“Wisconsin citizens care about their families, their neighbors, and each other,” Stroebel said. “Experts always said it would be likely that a second wave would come with COVID-19, and we mourn those who have lost their lives. But we can’t cancel our lives, cancel people’s jobs or cancel the education of our children as we look to the future. Wisconsin doesn’t need to run and hide, we need to get to work building strong communities and revitalizing our economy while abiding by common-sense precautions.”

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