Madison, WI – State Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) released the below statement following the extension of Wisconsin’s ‘Safer at Home’ order by Secretary-designee Andrea Palm. 

“The extension of Wisconsin’s ‘Safer at Home’ order to May 26th is completely unjustified and, left unaltered, will mean a meltdown in Wisconsin’s economy, the State Budget and quality of life.” 

“We are seeing a slowing in the growth of new cases of COVID-19 and a shrinking in the number of current hospitalizations for COVID-19.  Despite repeated requests, Governor Evers and Secretary-Designee Palm have not provided any sunlight on the metrics and benchmarks they are using to make these decisions.  As of today, the state which accounts for over 16,000 deaths and represents almost half of all US fatalities, New York, is under a shorter lockdown than Wisconsinites who live in a county where there has not been a single positive test for COVID-19.” 

“The Legislature also must take the gloves off and resist this power grab by Governor Evers and Secretary-designee Palm.  I have a hard time imagining how I could vote to confirm a nominee who signed such an order.  The Legislature must also explore every avenue at its disposal to fight COVID-19 in a responsible way and bring some reasonable check on an executive branch that is damaging Wisconsin in such an arbitrary fashion.”

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