Madison, WI – On Thursday, the Senate Committee on Government Operations, Technology, and Consumer Protection held an informational hearing regarding K-12 schools reopening this fall and virtual learning. Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) issued the following statement after the hearing: 

“I am glad my colleagues participated in today’s informational hearing, where we heard testimony from 16 different witnesses covering many sides of the virtual learning question.  I thank all the witnesses for making time to contribute.”

“What we heard today shows that there is great diversity of opinion and it would be tragedy if Governor Evers yielded to pressure from teachers unions to prohibit any school districts from providing in-person education.  Based on testimony today it is clear that traditional in-person instruction is the preferred option for most families and students.  The Department of Public Instruction clarified that their Education Forward guidance to school districts was meant to convey a continuum of options that includes in-person five day instruction as the default option.  In Wisconsin, school districts have the ability to choose their own path based on local circumstances and needs.  Districts would benefit from a greater focus on balancing the relative risks of COVID to children versus the rest of the population and consider the advice of pediatricians.”

“For parents and students seeking alternative educational opportunities, Wisconsin has historically offered a variety of options that can meet our student’s needs.  These options include virtual charter schools and parental choice schools to find the best fit for their children and family.”

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