Madison, WI – State Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) released the below statement following the State Supreme Court’s ruling in Legislature v. Palm.

“By ruling in favor of the State Legislature the Supreme Court has made clear that Governor Evers’s Secretary-designee has unlawfully exceeded her authority.  With this decision in hand it is time to immediately reopen our state.” 

“Regardless of state regulations, I have watched my neighbors and constituents exercise reasonable care and caution as they have gone about their lives.  I believe we can fully reopen our state by relying upon the judgement and discretion of our citizens to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 while resuming our day-to-day lives.  If it is necessary to set state-wide policies through the administrative rule process, I look forward to being a voice for targeted policies to protect our vulnerable population rather than the broad policies advanced by Governor Evers that have had disastrous consequences for so many Wisconsinites.”

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