Madison, WI – After the violence and destruction in Madison last night, Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) issued the following statement:

“The actions of the mob in Madison last night make it crystal clear that these protests and riots are not about one radical group’s motive to change our society and state, but about undermining the fabric of our society and further dividing our nation. Whether you agree with Black Lives Matter or not, last night’s violence is not a way to accomplish those goals. From tearing down a statue of Union Civil War Hero who died fighting the Confederacy and the institution of slavery, to assaulting a liberal State Senator, it could not be more apparent that the agenda of the mob is the destruction of our state.”

“The actions of the mob in Madison should give pause to all Wisconsinites, but especially those enabling this behavior with their tacit support. Nonviolent protestors must ask themselves if continuing to associate with the mob’s destructive behavior and lawlessness is what is best for our state and communities.”

“Additionally, the response from Governor Evers has been truly embarrassing. As has so often been the case, he is clearly in over his head and has no idea what he is doing. A group of legislators sent Governor Evers a letter on June 5 asking him to take action to protect public property and he has clearly failed to do so.”

“It is imperative that decisive action is taken to end this lawless behavior. If local police cannot enforce the law, or are not permitted to by the leftist Madison Mayor, it is imperative that Governor Evers mobilize the National Guard.”

“There is more we can do to ensure that the American Dream is within reach for all Americans, but the Orwellian double-speak is confusing matters. We must call things what they are. People destroying property and assaulting people on the streets is a lawless mob, not peaceful protestors. Wisconsinites of all political stripes should agree that mobs are making matters worse, not better.”

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