(MADISON) – On Tuesday, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) learned that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel made the decision to help local residents stay informed during the Coronavirus public health crisis. Taylor was appreciative of Editor George Stanley and the leadership of the paper efforts to ensure that money was not a barrier to readers receiving relevant updates and stories in the fight to minimize community spread. In response the paper’s actions, Senator Taylor released the following statement:

“During the Coronavirus pandemic, residents are scrambling for the most current and accurate information. Often, I will share news stories on social media to help disseminate that material quickly to constituents. Many times, online news organizations encourage a subscription to their publications, after viewing a limited number of free stories.

With Coronavirus-connected information constantly changing, non-subscribers could quickly reach the story limits. They would be unable to accessrelevant articles and much needed information. The decision of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, to provide all coronavirus coverage free of charge online, allowing readers access to up-to-date information on COVID-19, and how it’s impacting our local community, is an important step to help slow the spread of the virus.

Given the many financial challenges facing Wisconsinites during the Coronavirus and “Safer at Home” orders of the state, I appreciate that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has stepped forward to help the community in this way. As a result of their corporate leadership and the work of journalists committed to covering this pandemic, we are all better positioned to make informed decisions during this time.”

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