“You can’t legislate common sense. For that reason, I continue to strongly oppose the one-size-fits all approach of Governor Evers’ response to coronavirus in this state, including the statewide mask mandate. It’s transparent and blatantly political that his order doesn’t take effect until his handpicked Supreme Court justice take office.

At a time when liberals across Wisconsin are trying to prevent arrests and fines for actual crimes committed, the last thing law enforcement needs to do is enforce mask wearing. It is the definition of misplaced priorities. This is especially true given the under-reporting of negative cases in at least two counties with high infection rates.

I can understand why some businesses are requiring masks. That is their choice, just as it is my choice to do business elsewhere. That’s what America is about. But no one is going to make me wear a mask in my house, or walking my dog. That is also what America is about – free choice.

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