“Today is the day crime victims across Wisconsin have long been waiting for – the day victims have equal rights in court.

Since I first started working in the Legislature, making sure crime victims are treated fairly by the criminal justice process has been one of my top priorities. Marsy’s Law is the pinnacle of those efforts. I am pleased to know that the people of Wisconsin agree that crime victims deserve to be treated with equal rights under the law.

I was blessed to work with some great people on this journey, including my lead co-authors, Senator Tim Carpenter, and Representatives Todd Novak and David Crowley. I have been touched by the bravery of the victims of crime that have pushed for this constitutional amendment, sharing their painful stories of how they were victimized during their crime, and again during the criminal justice process.

To those victims, and victims all over the state. I can now say, officially, Wisconsin and Wisconsin’s constitution stands with you.”


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