MADISON – State Senator Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) joined other Republican senators today in an effort to provide tax relief to Wisconsin taxpayers and to take steps to address the carjacking and reckless driving epidemic in southeastern Wisconsin.

“When there’s a surplus in Madison, it means that people in Racine and Kenosha counties have paid too much in taxes,” said Wanggaard. “These tax cuts plans put real money back in the pockets of taxpayers. I’m particularly proud of the provision allowing for the deductibility of health insurance for self-employed individuals. That particular change will be a big help to farmers and small business owners.”

The state senate passed two bills today containing tax breaks. Senate Bill 821 cuts taxes by $472 million, including over $250 million in individual income tax cuts, targeting the middle class and working families. The average taxpayer would see their tax burden cut by $106/year. SB 821 would also use a portion of the surplus to pay down Wisconsin’s bonds. Senate Bill 720 contains a variety of tax changes which benefit taxpayers, including the change for self-employee individuals.

Senate Bill 769 attempts to tackle the epidemic of reckless driving and car thefts throughout Wisconsin by toughening penalties for reckless driving and fleeing an officer. The bill also contains a minimum 30 day sentence for car theft, or knowingly being a passenger in a stolen car. The bill also allows courts to order a person attend a victim impact panel if they are convicted of these crimes.

“Reckless driving and feeling police officers put tens of thousands of lives in danger every year,” said Wanggaard. “These criminals need to know that their actions won’t be tolerated, and the victim impact panel will show them the real-world effects of their crimes.”

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