MADSON – State Representatives JoCasta Zamarripa (D – Milwaukee), Lisa Subeck (D – Madison), and Mark Spreitzer (D – Beloit) and State Senators Mark Miller (D – Monona) and Jeff Smith (D – Eau Claire) issued the following statement:

“We’ve heard enough. After a morning of wild conspiracy theories that went unchallenged and uncorrected, it is clear that today’s joint hearing is exactly the kind of disgraceful display that we all feared it would be. It is clear that it does not focus on the real challenges facing our state, like addressing the urgent need for COVID-19 relief.

“This hearing does nothing but undermine our elections and election officials. Witnesses attacked our clerks and poll workers while Republicans gave them no serious opportunity to respond. We will not participate in this sham hearing any further.”

State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D – Milwaukee)                 State Senator Mark Miller (D – Monona)

State Representative Lisa Subeck (D – Madison)                                  State Senator Jeff Smith (D – Eau Claire)

State Representative Mark Spreitzer (D – Beloit)

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