On August 30th, Portage County Wisconsin recorded its 709 positive case of COVID-19. While that amount alone is sobering, exactly one month later and the number of reported cases has skyrocketed to 1512, over a 200% increase and two further residents have died from the virus. Similar statistics are being reported across the state, yet legislative Republicans seem more concerned about suing Governor Evers over his life-saving mask mandate than they do about actually doing their jobs and helping Wisconsinites mitigate the damage this pandemic has caused.


“As the chair of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, you’d expect that Senator Testin would be at the forefront of helping both his constituents and his state navigate the perils caused by COVID-19,” said Eric LaGesse, Executive Director of the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee, “instead he seems more interested in shooting skeet and holding in-person fundraisers to support his re-election campaign than actually doing his job.”


“A 213% increase in Portage County alone between the end of August and the end of September. That didn’t have to happen,” he continued. “It happened because Senator Testin and his Republican colleagues chose to play politics with one of the greatest crisis’s our state has faced in its history. It happened because politicians like Senator Testin opted to forgo science and common sense in order to pander to a base of supporters that are more intent on scoring political points than actually facing and solving this very real pandemic that is sickening and killing thousands of Wisconsinites.”


“It’s time for Senator Testin to stop playing politics with people’s lives, and go to work for his constituents in Central Wisconsin.”
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