The Senate today passed a $392 million GOP package that would reduce income taxes and legislation that would exempt direct primary care agreements from state insurance laws after the chamber’s Dems blocked both bills yesterday.

The tax cut bill passed along party lines after the body’s Republican majority moved quickly through the procedural steps to bring the legislation to a final vote.

But on the direct primary care bill, Sen. Tim Carpenter voted with the GOP majority despite strong opposition to the measure. The move allowed the Milwaukee Dem to call for reconsideration, a procedural move aimed at allowing more discussion on the bill.

But Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald immediately called for a vote and lawmakers rejected reconsideration along party lines, ending the Senate’s consideration of the measure. 

The Juneau Republican then abruptly called for adjournment, leading Carpenter to stand in front of him and rip up a piece of paper.

See more on both measures in Quorum Call.

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