Sheboygan, Wisconsin- District 8 Alderman and Council President Ryan Sorenson has formally declared his candidacy for the Mayor of Sheboygan in the April 6th, 2021 Spring Election. The Council President published his announcement on social media platforms through a video announcement.


“Sheboygan is at a crossroads and the Spring election will decide the future of our community. With COVID-19 putting incredible stress on our hospitals and pushing local businesses to the brink, we cannot take the same stagnant approach to local government and expect our community to come through this crisis stronger. For years, we have struggled with crumbling roads, lakeshore erosion, and a growing opiate and human trafficking crisis. This community needs bold, new leadership that can address all of these challenges while building a more sustainable economy for all who live here. That is why I have decided to run for Mayor of Sheboygan. I believe we can make this great city even better- a community that works for everyone and where all can thrive” stated Ryan Sorenson in his announcement.


Sheboyganites deserve to feel valued and safe. Keeping up with road repairs, COVID protections, and public safety must be at the forefront of our leadership’s minds. We need innovative strategies to develop new housing opportunities that our families can afford and shape strong partnerships with local businesses that are the lifeblood of our community, especially those who’ve struggled through this pandemic.


The road to a Stronger Sheboygan depends on all of us uniting together and working hard. As Mayor, Ryan will listen and bring people together to work on hometown solutions for hometown problems.

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