Ryan Sherley is a husband, dad, and business owner that will bring strong conservative values to Madison to make our state and especially Western Wisconsin a better place to live and work.

He was raised in Hudson where he obtained his Eagle Scout recognition and graduated from Hudson High School in 1997. In 2001 graduated with bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology from Arizona State University. Ryan and his wife Jenny have been married for 12 years and live in New Richmond with their two boys (11) & (6). In 2015 Ryan created and currently owns A & K Construction based in Hudson, WI which is a commercial construction firm working in Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota. Ryan is currently a member of the New Richmond chamber of commerce, professional networking groups, St Croix County Republican Party, and the NRA.

“I will stand firmly against Governor Evers on issues such as gun rights, prevailing wage, automatic voter registrations, and the newest ploy of non-partisan redistricting. We need government to help and protect us, not over-regulate, drive out businesses, and attack our fair election process.”

There are three issues the campaign kicked off with here today. The first is that Ryan believes we can and must continue to keep Wisconsin business friendly. Southern and Eastern Wisconsin are seeing a huge development boom. Illinois companies and residents are moving to escape the liberal disaster of high taxes and big government. As Minnesota’s taxes trend the same direction, Western Wisconsin must be ready to capitalize, but we have yet to see that on such a grand scale. There are several reasons for this, but we must do better to support and encourage development.

The second issue is concerned with mental health. This is a complex issue, but there a few items that would help us in Western Wisconsin; the first is education. There is still a stigma in our society when talking about mental health. Our schools are one of the first areas that see and work with our children’s mental health. However teachers are not required to be educated in mental health. The current requirements are that there some in the district that are trained, but what good does that do when those staff could be in a different school building. We must do better so that all teachers can learn and implement ideas to their students. Another is in metal health facilities particularly in Western Wisconsin. If our local or county police have an incident with an adult with severe mental issues they do
not individually have the facilities or the resources to deal with it. They’re only option right now is to transport those in the back of a squad car, in hand cuffs 3-4 hours away. We can do better.

The third issue is to clean up our election laws to ensure fair elections to our citizens for years to come. After nearly 22 months of no representation, his county board election from 2016 was still stuck in the legal system. No one should be unrepresented for nearly an entire election cycle. Our current election laws leave too much to be interpreted during a recount and what should be allowed to move into our legal system to decide instead of the voters. Representatives of the St. Croix County Democrats have said “we must challenge every election possible in our legal system. “ We cannot allow any political party to defer an election to our legal system. Our system is supposed to be decided by the
voters, not a judge. We must do our best to keep this true.

“I’m excited to travel around the district, put in the time to talk to people to find out what is important to each of you. I want to earn your trust and support and show everyone why I know this campaign will win and continue the great conservative values of those that have served before me in the 29th.”

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