SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Today, the Sister District Project announced their second wave of endorsements for candidates across seven key states, providing Democrats a “last chance” to build progressive power before redistricting happens next year. The organization recently hit record fundraising numbers for their April endorsement class, and is expected to hit over $500,000 in small-dollar donations by the end of the month.

This wave of endorsements is made up of almost entirely women, including five candidates of color. Sister District is also supporting their first-ever Native American candidate, Amanda White Eagle (WI-92), who is an enrolled member of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Sister District’s full endorsement list includes:

“We are excited to endorse a second wave of candidates before one of the most important election cycles in history,” said Rita Bosworth, the Executive Director of the Sister District Project. “The last three months have shown us that Republicans are unfit to govern up and down the ballot, and are instead using national crises to boost a Draconian agenda that hurts marginalized communities. Now is the time to elect Democrats in state legislative races so we can begin a new era of progressive leadership across the country.”

Sister District has become a powerhouse in flipping legislative seats blue, and has grown to a 45,000+ volunteer network since their start in 2016. Last year, they played a pivotal role in delivering a Democratic trifecta to Virginia for the first time in a quarter of a decade, with eight of their candidates winning their races as well as all of their alumni candidates getting re-elected to their positions. In the 2018 midterms, they secured 13 state legislative seats for Democrats in swing states including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan.

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