Today, State Representative Rob Stafsholt announced that his candidacy for Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and received their A+ rating. Representative Stafsholt is the only candidate running for the 10th Senate District to be endorsed by the NRA.

“As a lifelong sportsman, proud 2nd Amendment supporter, and a father to a daughter
who also enjoys hunting and shooting sports, I understand the importance of our right
to keep and bear arms,” said Stafsholt. “In addition to the Second Amendment of the US
Constitution, our Constitution here in Wisconsin guarantees our citizens the right to
keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation, or any other lawful
purpose. I am proud to defend our constitutional liberties and our heritage. I’m looking
forward to continuing to defend our Western Wisconsin values in the State Senate and I
am honored to have earned this endorsement.”

Representative Stafsholt serves as State Representative for Wisconsin’s 29th Assembly
District. He is running as a candidate for Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District. Election Day is
November 3rd.

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