Dec. 22, 2020 – As leaders of the State Bar of Wisconsin, we denounce vicious personal attacks targeting Wisconsin Supreme Court justices and any judge for the decisions they are asked to make while upholding our Constitution and the rule of law.

According to various media reports, justices and judges are being threatened with acts of violence and personally attacked in emails, anonymous voicemails, and blog posts.  Among many disturbing words, justices were referred to as “terrorist,” “traitor,” and “tyrant bitch.” Of even greater concern are the vehement anti-Semitic attacks towards individual members of the Court.

Sadly, these unconscionable attacks are a reminder that hatred and religious intolerance are alive and well in our society. We, as individuals, elected officials, and a legal community, cannot stay silent when any jurist is attacked or threatened for their work in protecting the rule of law. No one should live in fear for doing their job.

A threat to one justice or judge is a threat to all members of the judiciary and carries over to all members of the legal system, including judicial staff.  Staying silent to these ugly actions is a detriment to the independence of our judiciary and our entire system of justice. Now is the time for all of us to stand together to condemn acts of intolerance and hate in any form.

Kathleen A. Brost, President

Cheryl F. Daniels, President-elect

Jill M. Kastner, Immediate Past President

Larry J. Martin, Executive Director

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