MADISON— State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) and 35 other legislators sent a letter today to support agricultural industry requests for $50 million in direct cash relief from the $1.9 billion in discretionary funding provided to Governor Tony Evers in the Federal CARES Act.

The letter says:

“You recently received a memo from many organizations representing nearly every facet of agriculture in Wisconsin. These organizations have been working closely with your administration to support farmers and the agricultural industry throughout the COVID-19 response. They have been positively engaged, supportive and helpful.

However, we all recognize that agriculture has not received the same financial support and prioritization from the Federal CARES Act as other types of businesses.  This is why we strongly support the Ag-Industry’s request to provide Wisconsin farmers with $50 million in direct cash relief from the $1.9 billion in your discretionary funding from the CARES Act. 

As Governor, you have a very unique opportunity to dedicate these dollars however you see fit. We are asking you to prioritize agriculture and provide relief to the industry that is most in trouble right now.

As you know, agriculture has faced many years of lagging prices and hardships. Your own State of the State Address focused on agriculture and strategies to help farmers.  At the beginning of 2020, we all felt like things were looking up. But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

The Federal CARES Act has given you $1.9 billion to distribute however you want to do it. We strongly encourage you to renew your commitment to agriculture and provide direct cash relief to our farmers and one of the most important supply chains in our state.”

The letter was signed by:

Sen. Howard Marklein
17th Senate District
Rep. Rob Brooks
60th Assembly District
Rep. Dave Murphy
56th Assembly District
Rep. Gary Tauchen
6th Assembly District
Sen. Kathy Bernier
23rd Senate District
Rep. Barbara Dittrich
38th Assembly District
Rep. Jeff Mursau
36th Assembly District
Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt
52nd Assembly District
Sen. Rob Cowles
2nd Senate District
Rep. James Edming
8th Assembly District
Rep. Todd Novak
51st Assembly District
Rep. Travis Tranel
49th Assembly District
Sen. Alberta Darling
8th Senate District
Rep. Rick Gundrum
58th Assembly District
Rep. Loren Oldenburg
96th Assembly District
Rep. Ron Tusler
3rd Assembly District
Sen. Andre Jacque
1st Senate District
Rep. Jesse James
68th Assembly District
Rep. John Plumer
42nd Assembly District
Rep. Nancy VanderMeer
70th Assembly District
Sen. Devin LeMahieu
9th Senate District
Rep. Bob Kulp
69th Assembly District
Rep. Treig Pronschinske
92nd Assembly District
Rep. Shannon Zimmerman
30th Assembly District
Sen. Luther Olsen
14th Senate District
Rep. Tony Kurtz
50th Assembly District
Rep. Timothy Ramthun
59th Assembly District
Sen. Lena Taylor
4th Senate District
Amy Loudenbeck
31st Assembly District
Rep. Michael Schraa
53rd Assembly District
Sen. Tom Tiffany
12th Senate District
Rep. John Macco
88th Assembly District
Rep. John Spiros
86th Assembly District
Sen. Van Wanggaard
21st Senate District
Rep. Gae Magnafici
28th Assembly District
Rep. Jim Steineke
5th Assembly District


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