Yesterday, for the first time in 164 days, Senator Patrick Testin (R – Stevens Point) returned to the floor of the State Senate. No, it wasn’t to help any of his constituents face the challenges posed by COVID-19, but it was to listen to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talk about China. During the remarks, Senator Testin asked the Secretary regarding the Trump Administration’s stance on the persecution of Uyghurs in Western China by the PRC.


“Standing up for any oppressed group caught in merciless, state-sanctioned violence is a noble sentiment,” said Eric LaGesse, Executive Director of the State Senate Democratic Committee, “But Senator Testin was willing to overlook this particular persecution when he voted to approve the $4.8 billion Foxconn deal earlier in his first term. This is a company that had over 500 Uyghurs forcibly shipped from their homes in Western China to toil in its factories. Factories that are well known for deplorable working conditions, extremely low wages, guarded workers barracks, and suicide nets.”


”Senator Testin’s change of heart, if it is to be believed, would be a good thing for the Uyghurs,” LaGesse continued, “too bad he won’t change his mind on any of the issues that would help the people of central Wisconsin. It’s a shame that Senator Testin chooses to side with the special interests that fund his campaign and not the people that he was elected to represent.”
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